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From the heart

Sustainability is at the heart of our strategy. At Zeeman, we call this ‘zuinig’. We are zuinig of the resources that we depend on. And zuinig of the people who work for us, the environment, and our society.

This typical Dutch word has two meanings: caring and economical.

Living wage

We want the employees of Zeeman’s manufacturers to earn a living wage. In other words, a wage that is sufficient to cover all basic needs, such as housing, transport, food, and healthcare. Our suppliers must agree to this in our Code of Conduct.


Since May 2019, we are fully transparent about the locations of the factories that manufacture products for Zeeman. By signing the Transparency Pledge, we confirm our commitment to greater openness. Zeeman does not have its own factories, so the factories we use also produce for other brands and retailers. We invest in long-term partnerships and know the factories we work with well. All our factories have signed our Code of Conduct. Since 2019, our suppliers have also signed FWF's Code of Labour Practices.

To provide insight on all our sustainability goals, we publish an annual CSR Report. Click here to view these reports.

Any questions?

An honest answer

Low prices sometimes raise eyebrows. View previously asked questions and their answers here. Is your question not among them? Send your question to [email protected]. Our CSR team will be happy to provide an honest answer. 

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