Working and learning.

At Zeeman, we think it’s important to keep learning. That’s why as a Zeeman store employee, you can take your MBO studies (intermediate vocational education) within the company. In that case, you're doing two things at the same time: working and learning. This is called a BBL training course. You will go to school about once every 2 or 3 weeks, and you'll spend the other days working at a store. You'll be in a class together with other Zeeman colleagues. Zeeman covers the costs of the education. It's a great opportunity to get an MBO diploma.
"My mom told me Zeeman was hiring sales representatives. I went to have a chat with them, and I was quickly convinced. The fun thing at Zeeman is that there's always more to learn. I was able to get my diploma, and now I get to move on to the next level. I might get an promotion to assistant store manager, or even higher up. I'm really proud of this."


Naturally, you're responsible for your own education and development. But you can certainly count on our help. You'll be supported in your work at the store. And an experienced colleague will supervise and guide you in your studies. This will be someone who has already completed the relevant education themselves and knows what will be expected of you. So you won’t face any unpleasant surprises.

BBL vacancies.

Are you just as enthusiastic as we are? And do you feel like combining work and learning? Below you'll find a list of our current BBL openings.