An internship at Zeeman means learning together.

At Zeeman, we work as a team. So cooperation is important. But it’s also good to keep learning and to develop yourself. Our employees are given every opportunity to do so. And not just them: many interns gain experience at our company. We offer internship placements at our stores, at our Service Office, and in our Logistics. We’re happy to teach you all about our trade. And we’ll learn something too, because interns always bring some fresh knowledge with them. So as an intern, you're an important part of the team.
"I was looking for a store internship for my education. I wanted to learn everything, and Zeeman gave me the opportunity. I've learned a lot. How to handle customers, how to present products in the store, and all about stock levels. I could ask anything I wanted to know about."

Your internship.

Whether you're looking for a short work experience, general work experience or a graduation project. And whether you want to work at one of our stores, at one of the departments at our Service Office, or in Logistics. Together, we'll determine all the possibilities and what’s the best fit for you. So that we can do a good job supporting you. 
"I completed a seven-month internship at Zeeman's Purchasing department, within the Styling team. I learned a great deal, and it's been very beneficial in my later career choices. The great thing about Zeeman is that you get a lot of space as an intern. They like to see you take initiative. That means you can learn a lot in a short period of time. I really felt welcome, and I received good support. My studies lasted four years, and looking back, my internship was one of the most fun parts."

Internship placements.

Are you just as enthusiastic as we are? And do you feel like getting to know us better? Then have a look at the internship spots we're currently offering.