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Working in a store

In our shops, you work together in small teams and flexibility is paramount. Every day, you make customers feel welcome in the shop. It feels like the shop is all yours. There is always something to do. That's why everyone at Zeeman rolls up their sleeves. Twice a week, new items are delivered and you present them in the best possible way. Together, you make sure everything looks good and attractive.

Work environment

The whole team stands up for each other. Of course, there is plenty of work to be done, but together you also provide the necessary fun! At Zeeman, we like real people. You can just be who you are. That's what makes the team so cosy. Zeeman is a family business, which you notice in the way we deal with colleagues, but also with our environment. We pay attention to people, the environment and society. For instance, you regularly see campaigns in our shops to support a local cause.

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