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Working at our stores.

Working at our stores means rolling up your sleeves. Above all, the customer is what matters most. Our teams ensure that customers feel welcome. A smile doesn't cost anything. You are our the first and most important point of contact for our customer. You enjoy serving customers. You truly make them priority #1. Every day, there’s a lot to do at our stores. That's why we all do our bit. Putting new products on the shelves; making sure everything is presented attractively.
You always work as part of a team. Our teams are often small. So you have to work well together and be flexible.


There are people in executive roles at every store: the store manager and the assistant store manager. They lead the team, and guide its members. They also ensure that the store meets its targets. The people in leadership roles are always entrepreneurs and passionate about their job. Together with the team, they always do everything they can to help our customers. Working with the team on the sales floor is a part of that. That means they know exactly what the customer wants and needs.

Regional management.

Every store is part of a region. Each region is managed by a regional manager, who helps the teams achieve their goals. There are several points a regional manager will pay special attention to. For example, teams need to have a commercial mindset, put the customer first, and be active in their town or area. The numbers aren’t the only thing that matters. Regional managers will also do their utmost to ensure solid teamwork and clear communication. Because teamwork is the basis for success.

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